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Traveling can be lonely and i decided to take all my family members with me on dogs!

I live in the acreage, in a countryside bordered with a forest, there are wild animals including black bear in my backyard, so my dogs are guard dogs, but they are pretty well trained and will not bark and will not attack anybody unprovoked. They will be quiet for the whole session and you won't see them, unless if you want to.

They are here to protect me and my property but more importantly they are my companions, my children

If i stay in a suite or connecting room, they will be in another room, or if i stay in a room, they will be in the bathroom. You won't see them unless if you want to or don't mind seeing them when you want to use the bathroom. Please let me know in advance if you need to use a bathroom before or after tne session, so i can put them in a different room

Tour can be so lonely and I need them to make my tour more colorful

Just a heads up.

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