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Avoiding Toxic Of Review Board Culture

In a beautiful place by the water:), Dec.30 2021

Hi..omg..2 days before we say good bye to 2021!

We are doing fine here in the countryside. My day is pretty much filled with cleaning the house, laundry, mopping the floor, walking and feeding the dogs, cleaning the barn, playing with Toby and occasionally seeing my regulars:)

I do it all with love. I am blessed living in a beautiful, quiet surroundings, surrounded by animals.

I start making friends and acquaintances as well. People in here are so friendly and so welcoming. My neighbors probably know me as an escort by now, but they also can see how consistent i am of taking care of my animals and keep my property nice and well maintained.

Every morning and evening by 7.30, they can see me walking the dogs, even during snowstorm and rain. Yes, i am a good mom. The barn is also cleaned daily, so there is no foul odor from it.

All my other properties that i have are rented by good tenants, thanks to my property manager who does extremely well of choosing great tenants for me.

The newest property that i bought in PEI is already winterized and i will start the reno this Spring.

I've sold all my Chinese stocks so there is no more torture to see them going down almost daily. Hope my American stocks will cover my loss in few months.

Everything seems to be ok, except some annoyances of reading false accusations and rumors about me on the internet.

Few years ago, i tend to be emotional and may respond.

No more:)

I have been working for 4 years as an escort and nothing surprise me anymore.

At this point of my life, i do escorting for fun anyway so i am not desperate to be miss Nice or miss Congeniality or miss Beauty queen or whatever. I do not need to prove anything.

What i can do right now is concentrating on my day to day life and keep my presence online to the minimum.

My twitter is private by now, but i still post almost daily on my onlyfans.

Hope to see you there?

Happy New Year



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