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New Allie Zeon

Aug.10 2023

Life is full of surprises.

I just bought a place in Alberta and I need substantial amount of money to renovate it so I bet on one particular meme stock, a very risky one with the intention of gaining lots of profit in a very short time...and I lost it big time. Urgh

Now, i put the remaining amount of money I have into investment mode and focusing my energy on being an escort and land lady again.

I look at myself carefully this morning and ask myself objectively, whether or not I still have what it takes to be successful as an escort, competing with so many beautiful, sexy, mostly younger girls in this industry.

The answer is I may.

My look hasn't changed much. I eat well most of the time and I exercise daily. I just have to put extra touch on grooming myself. That's pretty easy i guess.

So..yes, I will do that!

Will post more new videos and photos soon.

I hope you will see me in my upcoming tours

Enjoy my new reviews:)




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