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Somewhere beautiful by the Ocean, April 30 2023


Omg...i have slept pretty good in the past 2 days and now, i can look at myself in the mirror again.

Poor me, i have been neglecting my face, body and my health because i have been too busy searching for new house and actually busy taking care of my animals as well. They are fine but not me (yet) unfortunately.

Just like my mom who has a great physical assets yet, not so great mental health, I do have depression issues from time to time. Lacking of good sleep makes matter worse, so now, i really have to have certain rituals before going to bed so my sleep will not be disturbed. It's a challenge that I have to conquer.

The fact that I will receive some money from the sale of my Toronto's apartment truly help ease my stress.

Financially, I will be fine.

The new property that I am looking for has to meet certain standards so all of us, including my animals will live comfortably there. it has to have some privacy, acreages so the dogs and chicken can roam and play freely and safely. It has to meet my standard as well, open concept, modern with lots of big windows.

And the list goes on.

Bottom line is, I have not yet found one and it seems that i have to work more *to get extra money to meet those standards.

Thanks to my onlyfans and tenants who actually supply income for my day-to-day expenses. Now, I am preparing to be a sexy muse again to have that extra cash for the renovation of my new property.

Hot and beautiful girls are everywhere and I have to compete with them.

It is not easy but hey...I have done it for so long and it has proven that I am doing great so far.

So here I am....doing what I do best....being an escort, a companion....being an exotic muse and butterfly.

I have few days before my tour starts.

The muse in the making...

Wait for me! I will be Allie Zeon again very soon

Have a great Sunday!

Allie, the muse


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