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Somewhere beautiful and overcast, June 10 2023

Hello everyone,

. As usual, I am fine, busy taking of my animals as usual lol.

Unlike earlier last year, the stock market has entered, what so called, the Bull market, where most of stocks are rising in value. As an investor, I'm here to take some benefits of the trend and making as much $ as possible for the future of me and my entire family of animals.

However, I understand the existence of me being an escort should be maintained as well.

And trust me....i can't wait to announce my next tour.

I just need at least one person whom i can trust to take care of my animals and my house and I will be off on tour again.

This time, I am selecting the candidates, the one(s) who will take care of them very carefully to make sure that my animals and my house will be taken care nicely.

I am still very active on my onlyfans. I still post new contents almost daily, including FREE hot spicy Xrated contents weekly.

So if you truly miss me, simply join my onlyfans.

Otherwise, wait for my return on tour, ok:)

Be patient

Yes, I miss you too and can't wait to create a hot memory again

bye now,



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