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The Show must go on!

In the beautiful place, Feb.7 2022

I woke up this morning with a little fever. One of my dogs had diarrhea this morning and he cried at 3 am so i let him outside to do his business and i couldn't sleep afterwards.

By 9 am, a great guy in his 20s came to keep his promise to help me shoveling the snow and clean the barn. A great man with energy, creativity and the Zen of improving his life, but then i soon realize that he is way overqualified to do this dirty day to day chore of cleaning the mess of my animals, feeding them and walking the dogs.

I helped him along the way and forgot to eat my breakfast and by 1 pm i could feel it that my fever got worse.

But the barn was already cleaned by then and the dogs have walked, the cats had their breakfast and i will feed them again after i write this blog.

Time to cry!

It;s hard for me to be alone sometimes with a huge responsibilities of taking care of my animals.

But then, i imagine me moving to the new place with 9 acres flat land plus 140 acres land at the back of it with walking trails. I can see them running, swimming and playing happily. I feel better:)

I hold my tears, trying not to cry more, check my stocks, bought some and i have to keep going....the show must go on. I have to be strong!

The animals need me. Not only that, the whole house including my beautiful plants need my touch.

I have to move on...dreaming for a better future.

wish me luck



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