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Hi are you?

Thank you for checking my website from time to time. I still have 275 visitors this month eventhough i don;t put any ad with my website for 2 months.

I am fine...truly. My onlyfans is doing great, that's why i don;t need to do tour that much anymore.

But i still do it from time to time for my regulars from out of town.

I am pretty sure everyone is curious about my place and yes, i live in a beautiful place by the water with a great sunset (not too keen on sunrise because the Sun has literally lit my room by 6 am in Summer lol) but i am surrounded by so many animals so it's always messy at the moment since i am still searching for an ideal candidate who is willing to help me to take care of my property, animals and the lawn.

Therefore, instead of hosting at my own place, i opt for renting a room at my own expense for my clients.

I have fired 3 people so far, this time, i will really take my time to select a good one.

Having said that, i will not be touring soon.

But I will, I promise, once i find the right person.

So i hope to see you on my onlyfans or in Moncton soon:)



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