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Being Deliberating!

It’s a nice feeling when we can lead our life the way we want it. I have started showing my daily pics. There are consequences but that’s fine. I’m simply being truthful to myself: naughty, adventurous, sexually liberated but yet, I am responsible, reliable and professional. i want to be seen, not as a drug addict or someone who has no choice or being forced doing this. I simply want to fill the gap and emptiness in my heart and give my life more color and excitement by being a companion to selected clients:). They need me and I need them. Not necessary for monetary reasons.

I am lonely. Having my clients in my life, definitely has given me a boost of energy. I have become livelier and happier compared to I was few years back before doing this. Come to see me at my place (or I come to your place), i don't like being alone, seriously.

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