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Edmonton South, Oct.25 2023

Here I am staying in one of the few hotels who supports me and let me check out at 3 pm.

When I checked in, the front desk still recognized me and commented "How can i forget a beautiful woman like you?"

Such a compliment since i feel truly like a living zombie at the moment, mentally and physically exhausted and desperately wanting to just chill and relax with friends and having some privacy of my own.

I called one of my friends after i refuse the appointment of someone whose gift card did not have any balance in it and we chilled for few hours in West Edmonton mall, then I went to my hotel, walked the dogs and slept.

No work yesterday and i felt great.

Now, i am fully awake and ready to do some shopping for my new Alberta's acreages/ country home or some people may call it a cottage. I am truly excited.

I will reschedule the rest of my Canada tour and start preparing for my Europe tour this Winter.

I will emphasize my exotic look, my athletic, healthy, strong and tall body and my outgoing full of energy personality. I will update my website with new look and photos.

I want my Europe tour successful and i know roughly where to go. I am truly excited!

Stay tuned



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