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Beautiful West Kootenay, Jan.16 2024

Have I told you I used to be a swimmer when I was very young? Yes, a young athlete who had to wake up at 4 am in the morning during competition's season then went to the water again at 4 pm after class.

I hated it. I was so happy that I was not qualified to be a pro the moment i turned out 12 years old..

Although nobody believes my story since i had a car accident few years back and now i swim like a turtle...very slow but trust me, I was a swimmer:).

The only good thing i learnt about living as an athlete is self discipline and determination to win. I still carry that kind of mentality. A fighter....and I fight to win like a pro.

If you join my twitter you can witness my daily challenges as well as my victory just in order to complete the tasks and win...and to be successful. Including multi taskings if i have to. And i do it all with flying colors.

I am going to Langley later this afternoon. A pretty competitive market, full of beautiful girls.

Therefore, in order to be noticed, i show you some of my new pics that you can see some of them in here, my twitter account and you can see them all (including the videos and other interesting and hot, sensual stuff on my onlyfans).




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