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Ottawa Dec.19 2021 evening

I am going to close my tour in Peterborough tomorrow. Why Peterborough? I love countryside and i find the town of Peterborough and its surroundings pretty with lots of lakes and forests.

I will be there for one night, then fly back home from Toronto the next day.

Can't wait! I miss my dogs so much and i hope my chicken and ducks will do well as well.

I will still post often on my onlyfans and show you my day to day activity at my place in the Maritimes.

I am going to Toronto again on Jan.10 2022 for mammogram and colonoscopy.

I will post my tour schedule soon.

Join my onlyfans and take the benefit of 20% off till Dec.22 plus you will receive 3 sex tapes of me with three different men plus 1 hot photo of me worth$80.

check out this hot teaser:)

Good night


link to my onlyfans:


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