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House hunting!

Somewhere sunny by the water, April 22 2023


I haven't posted for over a month, sorry.

Not much going on in my life except i am all alone again taking care of my house(s) and animals.

Help will come on the way...thanks God.

Good news!

I will have some money from the sale of one of my newly built Toronto's apartments that i sold last year.

It was a sale under assignment agreement since i was selling it before the formal closing date.

And finally, the formal closing date will come soon, May 3rd to be more precise Therefore, i will have money soon that I can invest in a new property.

So excited and it will come in such a perfect timing.

If I receive the money last year, the money would have been gone by now for sure lol.

My German shepherds have come to an age that they are all no longer puppies and they have become pretty territorial. They are such a great guard dogs, but they can also become a challenge for me, and might become dangerous to other living creatures, including humans nearby.

It is crucial that i have to give them safe place to run as well as a big enclosure area for them to do it safely.

Therefore I will start house hunting tomorrow.

Wish me luck and I will let you know the progress.

have a great weekend



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