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Hello admirers,

Yes, i am still fine:)

Most people do not realize that i am not a full time escort.

I am mostly a business woman/entrepreneur and i am doing escorting just for fun.

I am currently busy renovating 2 properties of mine and they go very very slow.

It is very difficult to book a time with a reliable, honest constructor who does not see me as an opportunity to make more money because i am a woman, Asian, immigrant or probably because i look dumb, naive or whatever reasons they have in mind.

The ones who seem to be professional and reliable are busy and my rural location make it harder for them to commit to help me. Urgh:(

Anyway, there is some little progress. New flooring will be installed tomorrow at my ranch and hopefully, 3 car garage will be added by September this year.

Another constructor will be coming to check out my ranch next week for deck and bathrooms. Let's see, hopefully we can make a deal.

My new acreage in Spring Lake area has not been touched yet. The foundation needs to be strengthened and i have called one of the best constructors in town to check it out end of this month.

My stocks are fine. I lost 60K on Friday and that's fine. It's impossible to gain profit everyday anyway.

The best of all, now i have a complete acreage with animals on it. It's a mini zoo and i aim to make it as a beautiful one. I'm thinking of creating 2 ponds on it as well once all the renos are done.

I have a pen for the gosling, pigs, rabbits, chicken and the dogs outside. My 4 cats grace my house accompanied with my parrots, budgies and canaries. I'm fine with it.

I have a big house and they are the ones who make me feel not alone with their chatters and believe it or not, with their love. My cats and cockatiels literally always nearby and follow me ..........all over the house. They love me.

my 8 dogs are guarding my ranch outside.

I am the only human surrounded by better creatures than mine with their love, honesty and integrity.

I let 2 of my rabbits free range without pen and they keep coming back because they obviously like me too.

This is my destiny:)

Do I miss being naughty and adventurous?

Yes., very much so! It is also my destiny to be an escort, but i have to find a special person who has the same passion and commitment to take care of my ranch and especially my animals before doing so.

Please be patient and enjoy my onlyfans for my daily update.

Sooner or later i will be gracing your city in the future. Promise!




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