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Dear friends,

2020 is definitely challenging for most of us. Hang in there!

To celebrate this very special holiday seasons, i am offering $100 off for everyone from Dec.18 2020 to the end of January 2021!!

Come to my private residence in New Brunswick. It's beautiful, quaint, upscale residence near the water between Shediac and Cap. Pele. It's a total of 6580 sq feet with jacuzzi, even a hottub outside the house and oh....with some animals as well lol. I love them!

But i keep my house clean and if you are allergic to them, there are free of animal room in my basement:)

For those who do not travel, check my updated tour schedule for other cities...Miramichi...Bathurst...St.John..Charlottetown...and Halifax during the pandemic. Who knows...i might drop a visit to NFL.

Enjoy my daily content on twitter @ allie_zeon and check my reviews on as well as my interview and my thread as well.


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