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Model to be again:)

Somewhere beautiful by the water,

Decades ago....i used to be a dancer and model, mostly for commercials, print ads and catalogues.

I wish i saved my composite card, but has been gone long ago.

Now, there are more and more demand for variation of model types including mature, ethnic even trans's time for me to (try) penetrate the industry again.

First and foremost, i have to slim down and take care of my skin better.

I just had my eye liner tattoo removal on my left eye, to be more precise, the excess tattoo eye liner or my left eye has been removed and now both eyes look much more symmetrical and pretty.

Next time will be co2 laser treatment on my face and next, and it will be performed next month

And last but not the least, i have to find and hire someone reliable who take care my haven and refuge here in New Brunswick while i am busy travelling around the globe modelling ( and maybe escorting too LOL)

Ah so excited to be cute again:)



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