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Somewhere beautiful by the water, April 26 2022

Spring has truly sprung and the weather starts to be continuously warmer.

I can't wait to travel again but still choosing the right candidate to take care of my house right now. Be patient. The only thing i can do right now is doing short tour in the Maritimes. Once i find someone , i will travel extensively again.

In the meantime please enjoy my onlyfans. The only platform i share my day to day untouched.

This photo is taken from my onlyfans and i decided to post it in public. You can see thousands candid, sexy, entertaining, vintage, day-to day photos and videos exclusively on

Happy Spring

Touring Charlottetown, PEI from Friday afternoon, April 29 to Saturday early afternoon April 30 1 night only

Moncton May 11 Thursday afternoon to May 12 Friday early afternoon 1 night only


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