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I am preparing being Allie Zeon again and it's not easy after being domestic for more than a month taking care of my animals and my house alone. Not easy. I was depressed. I am not good at using my hands and I am so used to travelling and without travelling, I was literally dying mentally. Thanks God because i have self discipline, i was still able to walk my dogs properly twice a day and taking care of my birds and chickens daily. It was not that easy when the depression started to kick in. What I wanted to do at the time was just lying in bed.

It has changed now, since yesterday I have 2 Filipinos who are willing to help me with maintaining the cleanliness of my house and taking care of my animals. They are great. I am truly so grateful. They even sings while they clean my house. The woman, in particular, she is so motherly and she helps me with pleasure...with all her heart. I spent my New Year's eve with them. It was fantastic and heart warming.

I need more good, warm hearted people in my day to day life..

Now, I have someone whom I can trust to take care of my property in the East Coast, it's time for me to embark my journey back to my new ranch in Alberta. I miss it! I miss my ranch and some of my animals who are already there, in particular, my beloved Georgie, my german shepherd. I will announce my tour schedule tomorrow.

Stay tuned:)



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