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Somewhere beautiful and sunny, Oct.28 2022

Happy day!

I went to Rothesay yesterday seeing my client who has become friend.

A busy, well known home contractor with a naughty side in him but yet caring and genuinely like and appreciate me.

Coming to his house, enjoying his hospitality for few hours is so rewarding.

I drove home last night with a happier mood, knowing there are indeed few people who like me and appreciate me as a person.

I need to have this kind of relationship more! Meeting more people and building friendship along the way. He still appreciates me as an escort and pays me for my time.....such a gentleman. He never tries or asks for a free time.

Thank you!

His genuine kind gesture has conquered my heart. Slowly but surely, I start to open my heart for him as a friend.

There will be a time that i will call him to have a drink together without money involved.

Money will become secondary once i know the person is really worth my attention and friendship.

I need to have this kind relationship more! Those who accept me as an escort and as a person at the same time.

Those who do not try to abuse the friendship by trying to get a "free time" from me.

Simply put, i need more people who genuinely like me and love being my friends!

Living as a full time escort in a small village is definitely challenging, it is just impossible not to get noticed.

Therefore instead of hiding or in denial, I will embrace the situation by inviting those selected few who want to be my friends.

I would like to create my own community and social network of friends in this village.

I want to raise an awareness that i am more than a pretty face and hot body. I am human too!

A good one....believe it or not:)

Will you be my friends? I am open for all genders, age, sexuality, race and all look and shape.

You just have to open your heart and accept me as a person fully too.

Hope our path will cross someday:)

Have a great weekend



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