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Preparing the tour:)

Somewhere peaceful, December 11 2022

I've just posted 3 new pics on my website.

They are all taken from my onlyfans page, and i selected 3 of so many of them to be featured on my website.

I am truly excited to see the world and be naughty and liberated again!!!

I will be visiting Singapore, the Philippines (Cebu and some of the islands nearby), Kuala Lumpur, Java, Sumatra and Bali for the whole month of January.

Back in February 2023 to Canada and i am thinking of going a short tour in the prairie before embarking a world tour.

I have been to 54 countries...and next year, I am planning to see the country that i haven't got the chance to visit. Malta for instance.

Stay tuned for my adventure on onlyfans.

Starting on the next blog entry..I will only write the opening of few sentences and if you want to see more, you simply join my onlyfans.

I guarantee fun and excitement.

I will bring the beauty of the world in front of you on my onlyfans page:)

stay tuned and happy holidays!



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