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The Chosen One

Somewhere beautiful,

I got stalked again last night.

I had this red pick up truck followed me from a distance and it made me suspicious, so i stop my car just before i got to my house and the car also stop and turn back to the opposite direction.

There! This is my life as a professional escort who "accidently" chooses to live in a village of 3000 people.

I am well exposed all over the internet so there is no way to turn back to blur my face online.

Instead, i will prove to everyone who is curious to get to know me by showing even though i am an escort, i am also just a regular, good person who mows their lawn, walk the dogs and goes to school (yes, i take French course twice a week) and last but definitely not the least, believe it or not, i pay taxes too.

I was always living in a big city before, so i never had this before in my life being stalked and followed several times a month, not to mention daily stare from the men who obviously recognize me from the internet.

Not too many Asian woman in New Brunswick and definitely very rare to see one with a short hair....and I am lol.

Therefore, i truly have to raise the bar and show to everyone in my village and throughout the province that being an escort is not something to be embarrassed about. First of all, Sex is something natural. Second of all, i provide my companionship for those in desperate needs of having one, so my job goes beyond just sex. It is more about giving a satisfaction physically and mentally to people who are missing a personal touch in their lives.

What's to be embarrassed about? I have saved so many marriages and made so many men mentally and physically happy and fulfilled..

Live and let live.

Please respect my privacy. I am far from being a criminal. I never touch drugs, barely even drink alcohol.

Let's help me erase the stigma of an escort being a criminal and drug addict.

For those who know where I live. You know that i live in a beautiful, executive neighborhood surrounded by water and by good neighbors. So please respect our privacy and don;t drive in circle looking at my house.




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