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Somewhere (still) messy by the Sea, Feb.22 2023

During my holiday, i met an interesting German yogi (a person who practices and masters yoga) and he teaches me how to balance my physical and spiritual assets in order to maintain my well being as a human and eventually would lead to a healthy balanced life and slowdown the aging process.

Little I know about the wandering spirit of me who has accompanied since I was born 24/7.

"You have a very strong chi, and it can be intimidating for some people. No wonder you are still single. Just relax yourself, learn to feel content daily. Communicate to your inner spirit, collaborate. with her and let her work to achieve all your dreams."

He then teaches me how to meditate, open my chakras and communicate to my spirit.

Does it work?

O my God....honestly, i am still busy with my day-to-day life, i haven't practiced it yet lol.

Hopefully soon.

I do agree with him with regards to my unstoppable energy and drive. If I aim to do something, it's impossible to stop me..

Enjoy my newest full body pics, taken on Feb.19 and Feb.22 as well as a teaser video taken from my onlyfans on Feb.22. They are all can be viewed on my website


The Unstoppable Allie


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