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CALGARY, NOV.18 2023

Beautiful Calgary on a sunny day. The front desk has been charmed by me so he upgraded me by giving me a corner, executive room on the top floor facing the mountain....beautiful:)

I love my life when I am active and productive doing something.

I have spent 50K on reno and furniture in the past 3 weeks and now, it's time to start pay off my credit card bills.

Thank you for my regulars and the presence of social media so i can be sure i am going to tour to the right cities. My tour so far is great, simply because i know which city I am going to tour. Thanks to all these advanced bookings with deposit.

Being an escort is actually totally fine and rewarding and healthy if we know how to conduct it.

I've probably blocked over 500 phone numbers since i want to minimize disturbance in my life. i hate continuous texts from random numbers. They have to leave their voicemail to proceed with booking in order for me to reply. At this point, over 50% chance i will get the booking by simply doing that. So efficient and less stress. If you are blocked simply sent me deposit with your time, city, and date preference and I will unblock your number with no hard feeling. Money does matter lol

i woke up at 7 am this morning and starting doing my errands, swimming and seeing a client and now i am updating my tour schedule then i will create a sexy customized video for one of my onlyfans fan who have tipped me $200 yesterday, then finally I am going to have my lunch break.

I feel accomplished and energized:....alhough it can be hectic and tiring from time to time but as long as i have a good sleep, i will be fine with that :)

Lastly, i think I am a good mom for all my animals and a good boss for my 4 employees who are currently working for me. I teach them to be discipline but I also give them love and attention....and some professional advice if they need one(s)

Life is good and i truly deserve it because i work hard for it.

Enjoy some new selfies of me, taken less than a week, before and after the haircut (click the image to see them full size)

Have a great weekend,3



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