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As i mentioned in my previous blog entry, being an escort has fulfilled an emptiness in my heart, satisfying my basic needs of sex, human touch, and communication as well as improving my social life. Oddly enough, I have found some friends along the way as a companion. I am truly grateful.

Now, i am going to reveal more of myself and show more pics of my house on my blog. Including my interview with Lydiahardwood of Great girl! I hope you enjoy the interview.

Enjoy the interview and the pics:)

here is the link:

On 10/18/2020 at 3:00 PM, lydiahardwood said: This week's interview is with the glamorous and intelligent @Allie Zeon. This time we are talking about managing your personal life as a worker in this industry. As always, please take your time to have a read through and help us reach more people by sharing on social media. ❤️ Q: Hi Allie. Thanks for agreeing to be our next interviewee! It’s great to be able to get to know you better. Can you tell me about yourself, what type of sex work have you done and when did you start? A: My name is Allie Zeon (obviously is not my real name). I am a business woman, a trader and an investor. I never dream of becoming an escort, but fate somehow leads me this way. I had a broken relationship with a long time partner whom i thought i would share my life with simply because i was not pretty and young enough for him any longer. It broke my heart, but i recovered quickly and started opening myself to suitors by joining dating sites shortly afterwards. What a nice surprise!! It's such deliberating to be able to choose, excuse my language, and got screwed by plenty of handsome, attractive men daily after being monogamous for so long. Sex and more sex daily...and that's it. It's getting old after awhile. I wanted more than just sex. I wanted romance, a companion. Unfortunately, nobody took me seriously. Silly me, getting screwed for free by these strangers. Don't you think i should just be an escort then? I still have the sex and i get paid on top of it. Voila! Allie Zeon was born, end of December 2017, few days before Christmas in Toronto...and almost nobody paid attention because i blurred my face. I had only 1 guy that week. I mentioned GFE on my ad, but nobody really paid attention. But i have a better idea... Q: I see you use your face in your photos (and a beautiful face it is, by the way). So you haven't always done so? A: Blurred face was not working well for me. Too many girls....younger, very attractive with more competitive rates. I knew i had to do something besides GFE. How about offering a full body massage to start with? Showing face and more revealing pose? One of my clients was a photographer. I called and asked him to take some photos of me. He agreed. My set of photos with face shown appeared online beginning of January 2018. Business was definitely better with my face shown. Shortly afterwards, I started having reviews...and people reacted with positive and negative comments. I made a mistake by replying to negative comments, defending myself. I should have not done that, I realized there are always haters in this competitive industry. It's better to stay calm and ignore those haters. Q: Absolutely - those people are not worth the energy. Do people in your personal life know what you do for work? A: Some do know, some don't. At this point, I don't care. I am fully independent, free spirited and financially comfortable. At this point of my life, I don't really care too much of what people think of me any longer. I just want to be happy and live a fulfilling life. I have a funny story to share: I went to my lawyer few days ago to sign some documents for my new property that i just bought. To my surprise, he seems to know that I am an escort (and what a gentleman, he is still respectful). How did i find out that he knows? I showed him the pics of my property that i just bought. He replied " oh....i saw them somewhere". I was giggling. The only "somewhere" of those pics are on my twitter lol. He must have seen them there. I did not comment, but I am glad he was ok with it. Q: So are people generally quite supportive? A: Unfortunately, most people are not ok with it though. Some of my neighbors stop saying hi or pretending not to see me, even though I was merely few feet away. I had a hard time to find someone to agree to work for me. And the list goes on. But as I stated earlier, I don't care. If you can't accept me the way I am, you are not worth my attention. Even though I am an escort, I have so many things to offer and to be proud of. But I don't like to brag. So i just move on and find somebody who like and appreciate me. Q: Have you ever experienced someone not being so supportive of your work? A: Daily. To the point I want to move somewhere that I don't have any neighbors around me so i don't have to see their sour face. Q: Have you made any new relationships since working in the industry? A: Yes. I am very grateful for them. I have a few clients who have become friends. 3 have become pretty close and we do keep in touch almost daily by phones or casual visits. Q: You know how people say that chefs end up hate cooking at home because it just becomes a job to them… is that similar for you with intimacy? A: Yes and no lol. In personal life, I am lazy in bed. I like to be pampered. I like my partner spoils and pampers me in bed, starting from massaging me or even making me tea in bed. I am just laying relax and they will do all those works, from head to toe. As Allie, I have to work harder lol. Q: Haha, I get your point! Is there anything you do to make sure this doesn’t happen? A: I'm always vocal of what i want in sex. I think that is the key. And I genuinely like sex, intimacy and romance. So far, my bed is always warm because I truly enjoy being with men. Not necessary for penetrative sex all the time, because yes, i get sore too from time to time. But I genuinely like to cuddle with my partner in bed. kiss and being kissed. And if my partner wants to pamper me in bed with massage. He is always welcome for sure! Q: What are some areas of your personal life that have been impacted by your work, if any? A: All areas pretty much. It's not easy btw. However, I believe if we truly believe in ourselves and proud and appreciate ourselves, we will get this through. I want to fight the stigma of escorts being a drug addict, thief, uneducated, unreliable, dumb and so on. We are just like other people who happen to choose sex work as our profession either full time or part time (like myself). We do still have our moral values and standards. We don't go outside naked. We dress just like normal people outside our profession. Some of us have dedicated our life to support our family, our children, our parents, or simply helping our spouse to pay bills. Some of us have saved enough money and go back to school, buying properties and so on. And the list of admirable things goes on. Simply put, nothing wrong being an escort and people have to accept and stop discredit us. Q: Has sex work benefited your personal life in any way? A: I was financially comfortable even before doing this, but I was a little sad and lonely. Mid life crisis. I was no longer sure about my sex appeal either. Sex work has given me the confidence that, even though i am older than most girls, some clients still like and adore me, and prefer to see me rather than those gorgeous chicks. Btw, I just read a tweet about a young BBW escort in her early 20s successfully bought a great apartment, paid in cash for herself. Bravo! She has saved some money from escorting, partly for her education, for her family and most importantly for her own future. We have some similarities here. Like me, we are both not exactly the typical "beautiful women". Although i can't label myself as "BBW" but I am definitely not "fresh, young, cute, petite and innocent" but hey...we both can prove to the world that we are just doing fine here. Q: Love that! What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with the impact of sex work on their personal life? A: "Listen to your heart and you will understand your true destiny and not to be embarrassed about it. Instead, flaunt it! You will be the happiest that way." Q: Thanks so much for your time. Have you got anything else you would like to add? A: Escorting is a profession just like any other professions. We are not criminals and we don't have to be embarrassed about it. On the contrary, we save so many marriages, and we have given some happiness and warm to those who need it. Without us, there are more divorces' cases and suicidal cases. We are a hero in our way! So chin up and let's start saving, be proud of ourselves and hopefully all of us can have a better future.


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