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openly living as An Escort part 2 and TOURING AGAIN:)

Somewhere beautiful and snowy, Nov.16 2022

We have the first snow of the year with some rain. Ah...Winter is coming

Good news is, this time i have someone who is helping me with the house.

Bad news, he has to learn a lot on how to take care of the house and the animals.

All in all, i would say it's pretty beneficial since the house is at least, cleaner than before.

I assume he will be more accustomed with the house by next month, so i will start doing an express tour again. Please check my schedule for more info.

More tour will be announced if there is enough demand of me.

There is a a popular thread on about me living as an escort in the village of New Brunswick.

Please check me out and please reach out to me so we can create a strong community within a community:)



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