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Somewhere messy by the Sea, Feb.13 2023

I've just got back from a long holiday plus a short BC interior tour and my house and my animals are a total mess.

It was my mistake to give my trust to strangers and let them ruin and neglect my house and animals.

Lesson learnt and i know better and better how to choose the right candidates in the future.

How are you doing?

I am back in my little, quiet village covered in snow somewhere in New Brunswick. Life goes on as usual.

My CO2 laser resurfacing has left marks and scars on my face. Lucky me that the owner of the spa feels responsible for it and does her best to fix them.

I just did some treatments with her couple days ago and now my face is messed up like a grilled lobster lol.

I look at my house, my animals and my face. Aren't we all survivors? We have gone through a lot but now we are united again and we get better everyday.

I will be cleaning my house and feed my chickens soon.

Don't worry we will be fine.

We will all be cute again in few days.

I have big expectation for 2023. I aim to make it happen.

Stay tuned:)




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