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Looking for that cute house by the pond on the hill:)


I am coming back to New Brunswick and PEI.

This trip will be special because i am looking for my Summer house in the maritime as well.

Looking for a cute house with acreage by the water (river, pond or ocean) with a great view on the hill overlooking the ocean or valley.

I have contacted some agents and they agree to show some of the properties of my interest.

My time to see clients will be limited during my stay in Moncton and PEI so prebooking is recommended. Early morning, late afternoon and evening appointments are encouraged during my stay in Moncton and PEI because i will be doing some property search in the afternoon.

Happy Easter


April 5 2018


I have found the property!

It is not a waterfront property but a beautiful bungalow sitting in almost an acre of land in Dieppe in a great neighborhood. The backyard is a dream backyard. I have almost an acre to create a beautiful garden with natural pond, fish, ducks and some chicken. cant wait to live there!!

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