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somewhere beautiful near the water,

I just arrived at my house, my farm i call it because i have some farm animals in it and i love them. My body is sore, especially my hands since i am not used to giving full body massage for few months till yesterday. Im recovering fast, however. My spirit is up, i know that escorting is truly my chosen profession and i am up for it, for the challenges and of course for the opportunities as well.

I truly like to live a happy, healthy life. Therefore with a careful consideration, knowing that vaccine is on its way (Chinese government has used its vaccine for its troops since few weeks, not to mention the efficacy of Japanese medicine combined with remdesivir from Gilead science in the US that are proven effective to treat the patients of covid19, resulting lower death rate despite the spike of covid19, especially in younger US population), I WILL START SLOWLY BUT SURELY TOUR AGAIN.

More countries, including Canada are working hand in hand to find the most effective medicine and vaccine for covid19 and i am pretty positive, it will happen within a year from now. And boy...i am lucky, considering i start my tour in New Brunswick, and the Maritimes in general which has a very very low case of covid19 .

However, instead of continuous tour from city to city nonstop like i did in the past for few months, i will take baby steps this time by having tour for 2-3 days each week in one city and will be off for another week to recover and to observe my health.

If i remain healthy, then I will do tour the following week.

I think it will be a great solution from now. Not only, it will kill my boredom, allowing me to travel and meet my dear regulars, but also it forces me to be fit and at my very best physical and mental attributes.

Love the challenge!

I guess to see you soon then?

enjoy my (more) new selfies:)



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