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Somewhere boring by the Sea, March 1 2023

I don't ski and i don't like cold weather, so the worst time of the year is winter.

Few days ago i had a depression and luckily, i have 2 clients who have become friends came to help lending their shoulder to cry on.

Thank you!

I lost 5 pounds 2 weeks ago and i gain it back within 2 days because, except taking care of my animals, my body just refuse to move.

Not good. I am well aware of it. Therefore, i have to get back on track asap and one of the fastest way to do so is by announcing a tour.

There! I have booked a business hotel in Halifax and I will be there on March 9 from 3 pm to 10 pm.

I've just posted a teaser video taken from my onlyfans on my main page.

It's a funny video simply because i am such a bad actor and can't play my role as a submissive, kitty cat LOL.

Enjoy and I promise to be fit and ready by March 9!

I will add meditation to increase my self awareness on my day to day to do list

let's go!


Click the link below for the video



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