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Hello everyone, I hope everything is good in your life.

I am fine and successfully moving to my ranch in Alberta.

It is completely a different lifestyle and actually i enjoy it.

I enjoy waking up in the morning at 5.30 am for premarket trading, then walk the dogs, then feed the animals, then clean the house and make some phone calls, either is for plumbing, drywall, landscaping, deck, fence and the list goes on.

I am busy and to be honest, overwhelmed and definitely can be exhausting some times.

I try to find a suitable candidate who help me doing day to day errands but i haven't found one.

I have a high standard and it is hard to find a person who can meet that.

I have tried everything, including flying people to help me to asking my neighbors and pay them but none of them seems to be working perfectly.

Therefore, i have to do it all by myself.

The other big challenge is, people, those whom i hire or plan to hire, seem to see me as a big dollar sign after they see where i live , my house or what kind of cars i have. I hate it so much.

I hate greedy and dishonest people. I have invited several constructors but only one who seems to be pretty fair with his quote. Unfortunately he is currently busy with other project and i have to wait for his next availability.

Therefore, unfortunately i have to postpone my US tour or any tour within Canada.

I might do one or two days tour if i happen to be in the area, either it is due to a private booking or simply because i am there to check on a property (yes, i am a property investor too)

Most people tend to forget that I am not a full time escort. I am only doing this profession for fun primarily.

I like traveling and i like sex and i like to entertain guys sexually when the right mood kicks in.

Apart from that, I am a business woman.

So, please be patient. Try not to contact me, either by text, email or call, unless if you are willing to fly me to your city or wanting to book me for a private booking.

Wait until i announce my tour.

I will post it in here or on my Twitter (X) account as long as Elon still give me a free account, which i think he will:)

Keep in touch and enjoy the Summer:)

Join my onlyfans if you are interested in seeing me daily. I update my OF often.



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