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Toronto, Dec.15 2021

Hello there,

long time no talk:)

I am happy despite losing almost 500 K due to a bad choice of owning over 30000 stocks of one of the leading Chinese stocks. i sold them yesterday with a huge loss:(

No worries, i am ok. I am so used of losing or gaining lots of money within a day. It's the nature of being a trader.

On one hand, i am a typical business woman who sets certain financial standards in life in order to maintain my expensive life style.

On the other hand, i am a hippy and gypsy who will be ok, eating Wendy's and Subway and living out of a suitcase from hotel to hotel every day as long as i can pay all the bills in time.

At the moment, i feel like a hippy. The demand of me as a companion has slowed down probably due to Christmas. My onlyfans is also declining in rank. I am no longer zero point something per cent in rank, although the retention rate is improving, up to 70% retention rate just a week ago (currently it's 64% retention rate). No worries again, i still can live comfortably with the combination of these two income alone, so i am fine.

i bought and sold 3 properties in total this year, all with a good chunk of profit thanks to a very low interest rate thus creating a hot property market all over Canada that we are experiencing right now. I wish i could be a property agent myself so i don't have to pay over 100K in agent's commission:(

The loss i have from stock market, can reduce my capital gain tax, so i am ok. Not a great year but not a total bad year either.

Anyway, let me share something more fundamental.

I have changed as a person, i am not so horny anymore. It's probably the reason i have lost fans on onlyfans because i do not post raunchy contents too often any longer. instead i post my day to day activity and my travel story.

My mind and my brain have taken over my body's needs. I am truly longing for meaningful friendship and education right now. To the point, i am thinking of taking some courses this winter.

Will let you know the progress.

Merry Christmas.

Enjoy my naughty teaser, filmed today Dec.15 2021


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