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Enjoy! The video was taken yesterday, Feb.19 2023 at my friend's place.

I put some great make up from home but it took me 2 hours to be at his place and we went eating first before the video taken and i forgot to bring my make up kits with me....and....once the video taken, i look at the video it seems that i don't have any make up at all LOL. O well....i like it anyway, i was in a great mood and i also like to see me look ordinary, just like my day-to-day appearance.

Some of you may know that i fired a guy who worked for me taking care of my place and animals, and now i am still searching for the new one. It is not easy to find a good one, therefore i have to postpone my Prairies and Ontario tour until i find one. Sorry

While searching, i do all daily house chores by myself....mopping the floor, feed the animals...walk the dogs and so on. The result is my fit body without touching the gym.

No worries. I am happy doing so. My love for my house and animals conquer my laziness:)

I have set some goals for 2023 including European tour and saving my penny to buy a new, better house with acreages for my entire family of animals. I have prepared my body and face for that. I set my BMI to 20.5% and hopefully i can reach that goal by May..

That's the latest news of me. Have a great day, I will be in Fredericton in few hours, Feb.20 and in St.John tomorrow to meet all my regulars



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