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In a beautiful place by the water, Jan.30 2022

There is one South African girl of 23 years old, born in the era of internet, google & virtual dating who makes 3.4 millions USD per month ('s not a typo, per MONTH) just few years younger than one of the creators of snapchat, Evan Speigel, whose net worth is estimated for 6.2 billion USD in 2022.

I look at how excellent and at ease she markets herself on tiktok, instagram, FB and other social medias. she is so used in doing so since she has used the internet and played with her laptop probably since she was a toddler. Excellent.

The way we make money has broaden and more computerized and internet based nowadays.

I have to catch up with all these technologies and force myself to seize the opportunity in doing so.

I told to myself, if i make 6 figures on onlyfans within a year, i will take it to another level.

I started in April 18 last year if i am not mistaken, so it's only 8.5 months on this platform.

I was at my peak, 4 months ago reached in the top 0.87% and then slowly decline afterwards.

I thought...that's it, men get bored of me, Bye..bye onlyfans.

But then i look at my retention rate, my retention rate jumps from roughly 40 percent to the highest almost 70% last month. I have less new subscribers but those who subscribe stay more than a month.

Very grateful. Thank you:)

I;ve finally found my niche market.

I don't think i will earn millions of dollars like that South African girl mentioned above, but i will be happy if i can maintain and probably increase my income a little bit by posting some creative and interesting contents.

My motto of sharing my life through the lense of onlyfans, hopefully can reach and capture bigger and more loyal audience.

What do you think?

I post my day to day pics of last Summer as well as my freshly nude pic taken this afternoon:)

I hope you enjoy them.



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