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Somewhere by the valley in northern BC, October 8 2023

Happy thanksgiving my dear friends,

It's a cloudy in here but it's pretty warm of 15 degrees Celsius this morning.

I will be spending my time alone with my pooches this time.

But that's ok. I will reward myself with a nice few days trip to Sunshine Coast, BC in couple of days, enjoying the nature and visiting some nearby islands. I've never been there before so i am pretty excited. I am pretty sure my 2 shepherds will be thrilled to enjoy so many walking and hiking trails in the area. Me too!!!

I will be moving full time to Alberta very soon and I will be back and forth between East Coast and Alberta, transporting my animals....birds...chicken....cats and dogs.

In the mean time, thanks to someone who is willing to take care and start renovating my new house very soon, we are waiting for the inspection report then we will be installing fencing around my property and lawn mowing, and installing better drainage system around the house as well as building 2 insulated barns for the chicken and the dogs within a month before the first snow comes in Alberta.

I am excited and scared a little bit to be honest. Lots of things need to be done and i know very little about living in Alberta so far.

But i will remain positive and wish for the best.

Enjoy my new selfie, freshly taken last night.



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