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Road Warrior....I am:)

Victoria uptown, October 16 2023

Good morning, I woke up at 4.00 am this morning, local time, 7 am Eastern standard time. I checked my stock portfolio, they looked ok and then I went back to sleep.....and then here I am, freshly awake at 8.15 am local time, ready to conquer the world!

It's been 29 days on the road and i am ok, I am used to it. As long as i have enough sleep, i am actually fine.

Someone hit the windshield of my car few days ago, and i am going to bring it to the glass shop this afternoon.

There is a surveyor who is coming to survey my new property in Alberta, followed by a constructor visit this afternoon. Hopefully everything goes smooth. I need my new property ready before winter and hopefully it will so i can move all my animals to Alberta.

Will it be easy? No, It won't. I know very few people in Alberta but i determine to make everything works for the sake of my animals. The property is definitely better suited them. There are 2 barns for the chicken, 1 big outbuilding for the dogs and fencing will be installed very soon. I have 1 special room for my birds and my 3 cats will be roaming freely in my fully finished basement.

I have paid the property in cash so i have only little left budget for reno. This year, my target is just to do the minimum, necessary things to make the property livable for all of us, including for me.

I am planning to tour overseas extensively for the first time next year to get extra cash for the reno. Wish me luck:)

In the meantime, I am still touring Canada. The tour will be ended next month.

I hope to see you in one of the cities listed on my tour.

that's the news,




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